How many ways can I restrict an Assessment?


I don’t want my students to be able to cheat on an Assessment they are taking on their computer. How can I restrict the Assessments to make it more difficult for them?


While nothing will hinder cheating more than adult supervision, there are a number of ways you can restrict your Assessments before your students take it. Here are the 4 most common ways to put restrictions on your Assessments:

Set a time limit

You can set a time limit on your Assessment by:

  1. Clicking on Add Assessment and naming and creating a New Assessment you will come to the Create New Exam – Step 3 of 3 screen. There you will find the option to limit the time of your Assessment.

  2. You can also choose how many attempts each student can have on your Assessment from this page.                                                                                                                     


     *Note: With Exams, students cannot view their assessment results and take the assessment again. If they look at the assessment after taking it, they will Forfeit subsequent attempts. 


What happens if a Student is in the middle of writing an answer to an essay question when the time expires?


The system will autosave the answer written so far and automatically close the Assessment for the Student.



Open & Close Dates 

Setting an open and close date gives your students a window in which they can start an Assessment. However, once a student has chosen to start the Assessment, the time limit that has been applied will be enforced. Here is how you can set Open & Close dates:

  1. Once you have created your Exam, you can go to the Manage Assessment menu and choose "Edit Settings"
  2. From the Edit Exam screen you will be able to choose the times for which your students can complete the Exam.


Note: Students will not be able to view their assessment results until the Exam has closed. 

Restricted Access

You can choose to make an Exam a Restricted Access Assessment by requiring your students to enter in a password to access both the assessment and assessment results. This will allow you to monitor the students that are taking the assessment and will not allow students who have stayed home from school to have access to the Exam, unless you give them access.

Here is how you can Restrict Access by creating a password:

  1. Once you have created and published your Exam, you can go to the Manage Assessmentbutton and choose Edit Settings
  2. Under the option to set time windows for your Assessment is an option for Restricted Access. You will choose Finish after you choose Restricted Access – this will take you to an option to set a password, if you don’t already have one or to add a new one.  



  3. Choosing Restricted Access also means that results are password protected. Students will not be able to view assessment results until you create a results password and give them the password. Likewise, if you remove passwords, students will not be able to access assessments or results unless a password is specified. 
Note: You can set an unlimited amount of passwords per assessment and set them to expire any time you like.

Safe Exam Browser

This option is only possible if your school has enabled the use of the Safe Exam Browser. Safe Exam browser is a lockdown browser that disables hotkeys and external site navigation. This is best monitored in a lab on school computers.
For more information on this feature visit our article on Setup and Use of the Safe Exam Browser.


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