How do I setup and use the Safe Exam Browser?

The feature described in this article is a School Exclusive.  It is only available to Schools and Organizations using a private PowerSchool Learning Domain. 


How do I setup and use the Safe Exam Browser?


Safe Exam Browser (SEB) needs to be enabled by a Domain Administrator, then installed and configured on each computer your students will be using to take their exams.

Safe Exam Browser (SEB) is a specialized web browser that allow teachers to restrict students access to tools and resources while they are taking an assessment.  When you require a student to use SEB for a PowerSchool Learning Assessment they will not be able to access other websites, programs, or system tools.  


While the SEB will restrict students' access to other resources on the computer, it does not limit students from using other tools like their cell phone, another computer, or their text book.  For this reason we only recommend use of SEB in class rooms or computer labs where Assessments are monitored.

Enabling Safe Exam Browser


To use SEB it must first be enabled by a domain administrator: go to Domain Control > More > Applications > Partner Tools to enable Safe Exam Browser for your domain. Check the Enabled box, and then use the Settings tools to determine which Organizations have access to Safe Exam Browser.



After navigating to Applications, click on the Partner Tools tab.



Installation and Configuration


Once Safe Exam Browser is enabled it needs to be installed and configured on the computers that students will use to take Assessments.  


The first step is to download Safe Exam Broswer from  


Once installed you will need to specify the url that your students use to access your Assessment.

There are several url options you can choose but the easiest is to point SEB at your PowerSchool Learning domain, e.g., and not at a specific sub page.


This way students can navigate to your class and select the Assessment they wish to take, so that you won't need to reconfigure SEB for each class and assessment.


Below are instructions for setting the start URL in different operating systems.



Edit the Seb.ini file located in the root directory of the SEB download.  Change the value of URL_EXAM= to your PowerSchool Learning domain. 


For more information:



After starting Safe Exam Browser press f3 and f6 at the same time (you may need to hold fn).  You will be presented with a dialog that will allow you to set the starting url.  Enter the root url of your PowerSchool Learning site.


For more information:


Requiring Safe Exam Browser in PowerSchool Learning


Once Safe Exam Browser is enabled and installed, requiring students to use it for an exam is as simple as checking the "Require Safe Exam Browser" box (under Optional Settings) when creating your Assessment.




What will students need to do to use Safe Exam Browser in PowerSchool Learning? 


When students open Safe Exam Browser, they will be directed to the start URL you specified (see above). Once they open the exam they will not be able to navigate away from of the exam.  Some students may experience a pop up that lets them know that Safe Exam Browser has been configured on their computer. Students just click ok and then begin the exam.  


*Hint, you must designate in PowerSchool Learning that the exam Requires Safe Exam Browser. Students will not be able to open this exam on a computer that has not be configured with Safe Exam Browser.  



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