How do I restrict access for students who take an assessment at different times?

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My students are given a proctored assessment on different days over the course of a week. I want an easy way to restrict access so only some students can take an assessment on a given date and time. How do I do that?


You can do this by setting up a password for each group of students taking the assessment. Each password can have its own expiration date and time.


So for example, let's say we have three groups of students that need to take an assessment, Group A, Group B, and Group C. 

Group A will take the Assessment on Monday. 

Group B will take the Assessment on Wednesday. 

Group C will take the Assessment on Friday. 


You can set up three different passwords ahead of time, one for each group, set to expire at the end of each session. This prevents a student who took the assessment on Monday from sharing their password with a students who will be taking the test on Wednesday or Friday.