How do I prevent/delay a student being able to see the answers for a test?


How do I prevent/delay a student being able to see the answers for a test?


If you want to restrict assessment results, you have a few options. However, making an assessment a draft is almost never a good idea, because it involves data loss. Read more about making assessments drafts.

Student Access to Assessment Results

If you are creating your assessment as an Exam, students will not be able to see the results of the examination until the exam has closed. 

If you have Roster Sections set up, students will not be able to view answers until the assessment has closed for the last section of the class. 

More options:

Some teachers may want to restrict results even further. For example, you may want to allow students to view assessment results, but only for a limited time.  You can do this by switching the assessment mode to Restricted Access.


To do so, go to Manage Assessment > Settings. Scroll down until you see the area labeled, "Students can take this assessment":



Choose Restricted Access.


You will be taken to a screen where you can set a password for taking and/or reviewing the assessment. To access this again later, you can always go to Manage Assessment > Manage Passwords


Select the "Password for reviewing" tab and click the Add button. 

Here you can set a password, and set how long you want it to be active. You can even create multiple passwords, and assign them different activation times. 


When you are done, press Save.

You can always create, view, edit or delete these passwords by going to the Manage Assessment > Manage Passwords menu option. 

*Note: If students are taking the assessment as a Practice, question results will appear immediately.

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