How do I copy an Assessment within one class?

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How do I copy an Assessment within one class?


Copying an Assessment within one class is a simple process.  By using Save As to copy your test, you will be able to easily edit or make changes to the copy that can be found in the Draft Tab of Assessments.  This is a great way to make adaptions to a test to suit student's needs.


1. Move to the Assessments area of the Activities tab, and find the Exam or Practice you would like to copy.  




2. Select Manage Assessment then Save As. 




3. You can Rename and/or edit the Description and Total Points for your assessment, then select Save




4. Your copy can now be found in the Draft Tab of Assessments area for the class.




5. To edit this assessment, just select the name of the exam and you will be able to add, remove and edit questions.


*Hint: If you would like your Assessment to appear in your Gradebook and you have not yet created a Gradebook, we strongly suggest creating a Gradebook first, before you begin creating Assessments!  (It's just way easier than trying to add it later!)  Please see our article about Setting Up A Gradebook for assistance on that.