How do I add an image to my Assessment response?


How do I add an image to my Assessment response? 


Adding an image to an Assessment response is a great way to support your answer in a visual way.  You can add an image from your computer directly to any Short Answer/Essay response through the Image button in the text editor area.

Adding an Image to your Assessment Response

1. Go to the short answer or essay question on your Assessment

2. To access the image, click on the More button in the text editor.




3. Select the Image button.




4. Choose how you would like to access your image, either from My Computer or The Internet (if your file is hosted on the web).




5. Choose the image you would like to share and add a caption, edit the size and/or select the alignment, then click OK




6. Your image is now uploaded into your Assessment response.  You can also add text to your answer.  




Looking to add a file attachment to your short answer or essay response?  Find out how! 


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