How do I Share or Copy an Assessment?


How can I copy an Assessment to another Class I own, or share it with another Teacher?


There are currently two ways of copying Assessments between classes.


  1. Using the Question Library. Once you've finished your Assessment in the first class (we'll call it Class A) go to your 2nd class and create a new Assessment. Once you're in the Assessment Builder, click the "Add Question(s)" button and choose the "Question Library" option.


    From here you have access to all of your existing questions. If you want to copy over an entire Assessment's worth of questions from Class A use the "Filter By Class" option on the left. You can then "Filter By Assessment" to further limit the results. Select the questions you want to include in this class using the check boxes, finally, click the "Add Selection to Assessment" button.

    For information see our article about the Question Library: How do I Reuse Questions in a New Assessment? 
  2. Using the Copy Block feature (only works for published Assessments that are in a Content Block). Go to the Pages tab in Class A, find the appropriate Assessment Block (an Assessment Block is created the same way a Content Block is created - using the Add Content Blockbutton), and select the Copy option from the Manage Block button   983img3.png


 Of course neither of these options keeps the two assessments "in sync," so if you make changes to one Assessment, you'll need to make those changes in each of the other classes as well. Let us know if you have any further questions about this.