How do I Add Questions using the Question Library?


I want to add questions into my Assessments from other Assessments that I have already written, is there a way I can do that?


Yes! You can use questions that you have written for another Assessment or questions that you have imported from an outside source, such as your textbook, through the Question Library.

Accessing and Navigating the Question Library

  1. Access the Question Library through the Add Question(s) button in a pre-existing Assessment, or during the setup process of a brand new Assessment. (Remember, an assessment must be in Draft mode in order to modify it!)

  2. Choose the Question Library option, under the Existing Questions area. 


  3. In the Question Library you will have the option the filter by ClassAssessment, or evenQuestion Type among all of the questions you've created across your classes. Check theInclude draft questions box to pull questions from Assessments in Draft mode. You can also use the Search Bar at the top to find a specific question.


  4. Check the little box next to any questions you would like to use. When you are all finished, hitAdd Selection to Assessment!


  5. Next, you can either Insert all questions from selection or Insert __ Random Questionsfrom the pool of questions that you have selected. Hit Insert, and the questions will be added to your Assessment!. Hint: Adding a random number of questions from the selection is a great way to quickly create final exams based on questions you've given your students earlier in the course!


  6. Continue to add questions and organize your assessment as desired - the Question Librarywill always be there if you'd like to reuse a question later! For more information on creating Assessments see our article: How to Create an Assessment

Shortcuts & Tips

Within the Question Library there are a few features that can make reusing existing questions even simpler.

If you wish to copy every question from an existing Assessment (e.g. to copy an Assessmentbetween classes) first use the Filter By options on the left to click the name of the class and Assessment you want to copy. Now, instead of selecting questions one by one click either the Select: this page or all results link.

If you're browsing through several pages of results and have forgotten which questions you've selected or wish to easily filter through the questions you've selected click the x question(s) in selection link on the right-hand side of the window. You will be shown a preview of every question that you've selected. You can also easily remove specific questions from your selection by clicking Remove button to the right of every question.

Import Options

Looking to Import questions from an external source into PowerSchool Learning? Currently, PowerSchool Learning accepts question imports from CanvasBlackboard versions 6+ and some Common Cartridge question files. If you are using ExamView you will want to use Blackboard 6-7 format to create your export file, then bring it into PowerSchool Learning through the Import Questions area of the Add Question(s) menu. These resources may help you get that content into PowerSchool. Though they often reference a specific program as an example, they all help explain the process!


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