Can students view the results of their tests and quizzes after they submit them?


Can students view their tests and quizzes I give after they submit them and are graded?


Yes, students can view the detailed results of an Assessment after the Assessment has closed.

To view the results of an Assessment once it has closed, the student needs to browse to the Assessment (either on a Page or under the Activities tab) and click on the name of the Assessment.


Students can then click on the name of the attempt to view the detailed results.  



  • If the teacher does not set a due date for an assessment (which means that students are allowed to take the assessment any time during the class), students can see their results as soon as they take the assessment, rather than waiting for the assessment to close. 
  • If the teacher chooses Restricted Access for an assessment, the teacher will need to assign a password for results and give that password to students before students will be able to view assessment results.

Teachers can also view the detailed results of an assessment at anytime by going to View Resultsunder the Manage Assessment menu.  They can click on the students score to view the details of the assessment.

Note: For tests without any questions that need to be graded manually, students will always see their overall grade for the test immediately, even if the detailed, question-by-question results aren't available yet.

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