Can I export Assessment scores from my Class?

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Can I export Assessment scores from my Class? 


Whether you're using the Traditional Gradebook in your Class or not, you have the ability to export Assessment scores to another file type like a .CSV file.  


To export Assessment results, you can enable the Gradebook in the Class either by enabling the Gradebook feature as default at the Domain level:


Or, add the Gradebook feature as a teacher by going to Manage Class > Class Settings > Features > Add Gradebook:




Create a Gradebook entry for the Assessment, and then, under the Reports area of the Grades tab, use the Gradebook export by Assignment feature:




Or, do a full Gradebook Export, to get those scores exported:



If you're not using our Gradebook in your Class, you can still enable the Gradebook, but Teachers would not need to use it for other purposes. Students are able to view scores that have been published in the Gradebook, but even without Publishing scores, Teachers are able to export Assessment grades via the Gradebook.