What is Credly? How do I integrate it with my PowerSchool Learning Account?



What is Credly? How do I integrate it with my PowerSchool Learning Account?



We here at PowerSchool Learning love Credly!  More than just a tool to design custom, unique badges for your students, Credly is the universal way to recognize, store and share life’s achievements. The Credly system empowers organizations and individuals to document, share and celebrate accomplishments that matter, offering a universal way to recognize and showcase lifelong achievement. Find out more information about Credly from their own mouth over here on their site. 


Why Credly?

Within PowerSchool Learning, Credly provides an opportunity for teachers to use a badge editor to design custom badges to be awarded to students.  Whether you want to connect your domain to a school-wide Credly account, allow teachers to connect their account to their own individual Credlyaccounts, or simply use the badge editor already within PowerSchool Learning, we hope this gives you a way to harness that passion and creativity, then pass on positive energy to students in a tangible (and lovely) way to keep throughout their educational careers and beyond. 


Connecting to a Credly Domain

Domain Administrators can configure Credly integration through the Applications area of the Domain Control by selecting the Features menu item.  From there, select Settings next to the Badging feature to get started. 

Select the Credly Integration tab, and then enter either your Credly Username and Credly Password. This will automatically generate an Auth token that will connect to your domain to your organization's Credly account. 


Hit Save and you will be all set! In order for teachers to use the editor, though, you will also want to Allow teachers to create Personal Badges.  Continue reading for more information!


Enable Teachers to use Individual Credly Accounts

Through the General  tab of the Badging Settings menu, check Allow teachers to create personal badges to give teachers the option to (in addition to, or separate from PowerSchool Learning badges) create their own custom badges.  Then Allow teachers to integrate their personal badges with their own Credly account.  This will give teachers the option, when creating badges within a class, to connect to their own personal Credly account in a similar way.  


Teachers can then connect their Credly account to their PowerSchool Learning account independently through the Badges area of their my settings menu.  


Please Note: The Credly badge creator is not compatible with Internet Explorer, and will not be available for Teachers using IE at this time. 



Find our more about Creating a Badge using Credly to get started within a class! 

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