What are Profiles and how do I configure them?



What are Profiles and how do I configure them?



A Profile is a place for each user to display his or her Badges. Users can also write short, plain-text descriptions of themselves in the About Me field. Domain Administrators can enable User Profiles and modify their visibility settings by going to Domain Control > Applications > Features.  You can also view Profiles through the Accounts area of the domain control. 

Note: Parent accounts do not have User Profiles.

First, let's take a look at a sample Profile.



In this example, Padma has earned two badges that are viewable to me when I'm logged in with this particular account. We could click the "Class" tab to see which class each Badge is from, or we could click the "Year" tab to see when Padma earned the badge. Depending on the visibility settings discussed below, the Profile is a great way for Padma to display achievement Badges to teachers, students, peers - and even, possibly, the world!

Enabling & Configuring User Profiles

To enable Profiles for your domain,

  1. Go to the Domain Control.
  2. Click the Applications tab.
  3. View Features.


  4. At the bottom of the page, check the box for Profiles

To configure visibility settings for Profiles, click on "Settings" to open the window shown below.  Choose the options that best fit your school's needs.



Viewing a Profile as a Domain Administrator

For Domain Administrators, there are two ways to see a Profile:

By Masquerading:

  1. Find the user in by using the Navbar, under People.


  2. Then, Masquerade as the user.


  3. Go to their user drop-down menu, and select My Profile. (Note: you can make changes to the user's profile this way, so be careful!)



By Using a Class Roster

  1. While viewing a class, click the Manage Class drop down menu.
  2. Click Edit Roster.


  3. Hover over a student's profile picture. In the pop-up, click the student's name.



For students, teachers, and domain administrators: check out our article on updating your profileFor parents, take a look at this article on how to view your child's profile and badges.

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