What Security Settings can I set for the Navbar in my domain?



What Security Settings can I set for the Navbar in my domain?




Domain Administrators can edit the security settings for the Navbar and Global Search feature through the domain control area, and make decisions about what teachers and students will be able to see. 

To make sure this feature is enabled, click on the Applications tab of the domain control.



Then, check the Enabled box next to Navbar & Global Search. After enabling, you will then be able to click on Settings to adjust what students and teachers will be able to see. 



To edit the Navbar and Global Search settings for any organization, click on the paper and pencil icon next to that organization.



These are the following options:

  1. Enable (or disable) the Navbar for the organization. 
  2. Set the search options for students and teachers. Students and teachers will only be able to access the information in the Navbar according to these settings. The three levels of accessible data include the ability to see people or classes across the domain, within the organization, or limited to their classes
  3. As an added security measure, Parents will only be able to search for their own classes, and only view their own children and teachers in classes where they are enrolled.



Once the Navbar and Global Search settings are updated, click Save

Please note: If you have multiple organizations and make setting changes to the parent organization, you will have an option to apply the settings to all sub-organizations.




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