How does PowerSchool Learning calculate percentages and grades for Standards-Based Gradebook Reports?



How does PowerSchool Learning calculate percentages and grades for Standards-Based Gradebook Reports?



PowerSchool Learning calculates percentages and grades for domain-level SBG Reports based on both on your Domain-wide SBG Settings and each teacher's individual calculation settingscurrently chosen to generate a Standards-Based Gradebook Overall Grade


When you see a percentage in a Standards-Based Gradebook Report under Domain Control, that percentage represents the percentage of standards at or above Mastery (the "green" level") as defined by your settings through the Standards-Based Grading of the Applications tab, within the Domain Control

SBG Reports will always display a percentage, regardless of the SBG settings for each class. By default, standards for which a student has no data will be ignored, unless the teacher has chosen to count blanks as zeroes in the class.

Letter Grades

Letter Grades in SBG Reports will always match the current settings for Overall Grades in each class.

  • If the teacher is not displaying Letter Grades in SBG, then none will display in SBG Reports.
  • If the teacher is displaying Letter Grades in SBG, then the same Letter Grades will display in SBG Reports.

In other words, when Letter Grades appear in SBG Reports, they're calculated based on the settings for each individual class.

Average Mastery Scores

Currently, SBG Reports do not include Average Mastery Scores, even when teachers are using these as Overall Grades in their Standards-Based Gradebooks. We are looking at ways to add this function to SBG Reports in the future, so keep an eye out for additional news at a later date! 

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