How do I set up an ePortfolio Template for my domain?



How do I set up an ePortfolio Template for my domain?



Anyone with the ePortfolio Template Permission can edit your domain's ePortfolio Template.

ePortfolio Template Permission

First, have a domain administrator grant someone ePortfolio Template Permission. To do this, find the person's account through the Accounts area of the Domain Control, open the Permissions tab, click Add Permission, and select ePortfolio Template.




Anyone with this permission can edit your domain's ePortfolio Template.



Editing the ePortfolio Template

To edit the ePortfolio Template, click on the My Account menu in the upper right-hand corner of your account, and select ePortfolio Templates.



Editing the ePortfolio Template works the same way as editing an ePortfolio

There are two important things to keep in mind when working with an ePortfolio Template:

  • Changing the Template does not change existing ePortfolios.
  • When an ePortfolio Template is applied to an ePortfolio, it copies all of the content from the Template into the Portfolio, adding pages to the bottom of your page structure. It does notmodify or delete any existing content.

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