How do I enable and manage Standards-Based Grading for my domain?



How do I enable and manage Standards-Based Grading for my domain?




Any Domain Administrator can enable Standards-Based Grading for their domain through the Applications area of the Domain Control. From this area, you can set your default Scale, and adjust default settings on a per-Organization basis.

Note: if you're new to Standards-Based Grading, you may want to check out our Intro to Standards-Based Grading or our SBG Starter Kit for Admins.


Enabling Standards-Based Grading

  1. To turn on Standards Based Grading, just navigate to the Applications area of the Domain Control, then select the PowerSchool Learning Features tab.
  2. Scroll down to the Standards-Based Grading application, then check the box next to Settingsto enable SBG for your domain.

Setting Permissions per Organization

Select the Settings option next to the Standards-Based Grading application to view and edit settings for Organizations and Sub-Organizations within your domain. Next to any Organization, click on the gear, then select Edit Settings.



From here, you can choose to set Standards-Based Grading as Default On, Default Off, or Blocked for that Organization.




You will be prompted upon hitting the Save button to verify whether you would like any sub-organizations of this organization to inherit these new settings. Yes or No, either way works!



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