How can I help my school understand Standards-Based Grading?



How can I help my school understand Standards-Based Grading?



Our team has put together a set of Standards-Based Grading Guides you can copy, edit, and distribute to your school community.

  • Intro to SBG for Teachers and Admins: This guide uses examples to illustrate how standards-based grading informs and motivates students and teachers through specific, actionable, and non-judgmental feedback.
  • SBG Class Planner for Teachers: This workbook helps teachers understand how to incorporate standards-based grading into their classrooms.
  • SBG How-To Guide for Teachers: This guide walks teachers through the process of setting up a Standards-Based Gradebook, grading work using SBG, and using SBG results to adapt to students’ learning needs.
  • SBG FAQs and Common Misconceptions: This guide addresses some of the most common questions about (and objections to) standards-based grading.

These Google Documents are visible to anyone with the link, though they can only be edited by members of the PowerSchool Learning team. 

If you'd like to make your own copies so you can modify them for your school, simply open the document and go to File > Make a Copy. Don't forget to update the share links at the bottom of the page!