How can I control access to ePortfolios?



How can I control access to ePortfolios? Do I have to grant permission to each person or can I setup rules for organizations at my school?




As a domain admin, you can manage access to ePortfolios for entire Organizations with a few clicks. If you want to give a specific person additional permissions with ePortfolios, you can do that too!

This can be really helpful, as you can set up limited permissions for an entire High School organization, while granting counselors or mentors permission to view (and even edit) specific ePortfolios!

Managing Access by Organization

  1. Start at Domain Control and select Applications > Features.
  2. Select Settings for the ePortfolio Feature

  3. Choose the Edit icon to view the settings for that Organization

  4. Adjust the settings for an Organization.

  5. Click Save to apply those settings to update how all people within that Organization can interact with ePortfolios!

Assigning Additional Permission

  1. Start at Domain Control and locate the Account that needs additional Permission to ePortfolios.
  2. Select Manage Account and choose Permissions.  
  3. Select the Add Permission button to get started. 

  4. Choose ePortfolio.

  5. In the Permission Level area, choose the settings that fit for this person.  

  6. Verify that the proper permissions have been chosen, and select Assign Permission.  

  7. Make sure to let the teacher know that they have been given additional Permissions for ePortfolios and you're all set! 


Here are some additional resources that you might want to check out:

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