How to create an Announcement


I would like to remind my students of an upcoming assignment, is there a way to remind them?



Announcements are designed to be easy, visible reminders that help students (and parents/teachers) stay up to date with events, assignments, field trips, etc. for your class.  

Creating an Announcement

1. Click on the Messages tab, then go to the Announcements area. 




2. Once on the  Announcements page, click the Create Announcement button to add an Announcement to the list. 

3. A window will pop up where you first type the text of your announcement, then choose whether or not you want it to permanently stay at the top of the announcement list, and when/whether you want the announcement to expire (no longer be displayed). Note: Expired announcements will display under the Archived tab. 



4. Click Save to complete the creation of your announcement.  You can edit or delete your announcement by clicking on the edit or delete icon to the far right of the announcement.  


Make your Announcement list appear on yourClass Page

1. Click on the Pages tab and click on the specific page to which you would like to add your Announcement Block. Then, click the Add Content Block  button.  




In the new window, click the Messages & Activities tab, and choose Announcements




2. Here you can rename the Announcement Block if you wish, and choose where to place it on the page by clicking on the Block Placement link. 



3. Click Save to finish.  If you want to move the Announcement Block to a different position on the page, just click it and drag it to where you want it to go.  

Edit, Delete or Add Announcements

Announcements can be changed from either the Announcements Page under the Messages Tab, or directly on the Page(s) where the Announcement Block appears. 


To do so directly on the Pages, either use the Quick Add feature at the bottom of the list of Announcements to add an Announcement or click Manage Content Block button in
the upper right hand corner of the text block to edit the list of Announcements or delete the Announcement Block entirely.



Please note: Announcement Blocks work like "windows" displaying the Announcements of the Class, so while you can copy the Announcement Block to another Class, in the new Class the Block will display the Announcements of that Class. No Announcements will be copied over from the original Class to the new Class. You'll need to re-create the Announcements in the new Class if you want the same ones there.

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