How do I export my class Calendar as an iCal feed?


 I want to add my class calendar to another calendar program I use. How do I do this?



You can export your class Calendar as an iCal feed! Outlook, Google Calendar, iCal and many other calendar programs accept external calendar feeds in iCal format. 


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Exporting a Class Calendar

  1. First go to your class Calendar in your PowerSchool Learning class. 

  2. To the far right, there is a Calendar URL button. 

  3. Click on the Calendar URL button. You should see a window pop up that looks something like this:


If you click on the link, an .ics (iCal) file will automatically download. If you right-click, you can copy and paste the URL. Using the downloaded .ics file will allow you to do a one-time import of the PowerSchool Learning Calendar into your desired calendar app.


If you copy the Calendar URL, you can subscribe to the Calendar, which will live update as you make changes to the Calendar in PowerSchool Learning.


Note: You can also Reset the URL as needed. However, please be careful resetting the URL! Resetting the URL will change the share URL and break the feed for anyone with whom you've previously shared the URL. 

Adding the Calendar to your Devices

You can add your class Calendar to any device that supports iCal files or URLs. You'll want to check on the documentation for your device or app for the exact steps on how to import the class Calendar.

Here are some links for several platforms to help you along:

 Calendar Export format
Apple iOS Calendar URL 
Google Calendar (Android) .ics & URL
Apple macOS  .ics
Outlook (Windows) .ics & URL



How often will my class Calendar events update from the iCal?

Events are published every 15 minutes from your class. Depending upon the setting of your calendar app, it might take longer before you see the events show up. Visit here to learn more.


I have added my class Calendar to Google Calendars, why am I not seeing events update quickly?

Google Calendars can take up to 12 hours to retrieve new published events. Unfortunately, this behavior is controlled by Google, so you may want to consider using a different calendar app to see class events show up quicker. Visit this Google Support Article to learn more.