How do I add an Assignment to my Class Page?


 How do I get an Assignment to show up on my page, in context with my page content?



The good news is that there's an easy way to do this. Any assignment (or set of assignments) can show up on any Class Page if you create an Assignment block on that page.


Inside any page, choose Add Content Block, click the Messages & Activities tab, and choose Assignments:



This is will create an Assignment Block on your Page. You can use a single Assignment Block for multiple Assignments, or you can create a new Assignment Block for each.


You can drag your Assignment Block anywhere you want on your Page. You can update and customize at any point.


Give your Assignment Block a title. Choose whether you want to add existing Assignment to the block, or create a new one.



If you chose New Assignment, you will then be prompted to create the assignment that will be added to your Assignment Block. Add a Title and any additional details. Hit Save.




If you chose to Search Existing Assignments, you can add one or more existing assignments to the single Assignment Block. Hit Next. 




If you wish, add a Description to your Assignment block, or add additional assignments. Then, hit Save.




In both cases, once you Save, the assignments that you've chosen or created will appear in the Assignment Block on the page you have selected.


You can copy this Assignment Block and put it on more than one page inside your classes. Just click the little drop-down gear in the top right of the existing Assignment Block you'd like to duplicate, and select Copy




From now on, when you create new assignments and you want them to appear in an Assignment Block, you can check the Show in Assignment Blocks setting, and then you can just select the content block(s) where you want the assignment to appear.

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