How can I share Calendar events and Assignments between classes?


Can I copy content (Assignments, Calendar Events, etc.) from one class calendar to another? Is it possible to use the same content in multiple classes?



There are a few ways to share content between classes.  Depending on how much (and what!) you'd like to share, you can copy individual items from one class to another, or set up Roster Sections.


Share Content using Roster Sections


If most of your content will be the same between multiple classes (such as Period 1, Period 2, Period 3 of the same English course), try using Roster Sections. 


  1. Select Edit Roster from the Manage Class menu.
  2. From here you can create new Roster Sections by clicking the Create Sections button.
  3. Once you have created Roster Sections you can add new or existing students to any Section of the class.  If your school has imported roster data for you, you may need to link students from import rosters into your class. 
  4. By default, Calendar Events will be available to all Roster Sections. You can elect to share only with one or a sub-set of sections by un-checking the Publish Event to all sections option. 


Roster Sections give Teachers the ability to share not only the calendar, but also course materials and calendars among all the sections, while controlling due dates and page content access at a more granular level. Students and parents will only see information that is applicable to their Roster Section.  


Check out this quick video tutorial on using Roster Sections, for more information


Copy Content from Class to Class


To "share" individual items from one class to another, use the Manage > Copy option on any existing Page or Content Block.  


  1. To copy a content block, click on the Manage Block gear icon, then select Copy.

  2. Select the class you'd like to copy this block to, and hit Next.

  3. Select the Page and Location on Page where you'd like the copy of this block to go, then hit Next again.

  4. Add any additional Copy destinations you would like, then hit Copy.  

Copying an item that has a corresponding Calendar entry (Assignment with a due date, Assessment, etc.) will also create a Calendar entry in the destination class.


Copying a Connect & Assess content block such as an Assignment block will also send a copy of the Assignment to your new class.  


Please note: student data such as grades, WikiProject content, and submitted work will never be copied from one class to another. 

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