Can I keep assignments from appearing in the portal once they are posted?


 I created an assignment on an unpublished page of an active class, and the assignment "correctly" does not appear anywhere on the page. However, the date the assignment is due appears red on the calendar of the student's portal page and on the calendar of the "main page" of the class.


If the student goes to that day on the calendar, the student is able to view the assignment, even though the page the assignment is posted on is not published. Is the only way to avoid this from occurring is to not set up a due date until you are ready to post the assignment?



Currently this is the programmed behavior, however, more precise control over when certain items appear to students has been scheduled for development. We plan to add in an additional date field on assignments, activities, and pages to provide more granular control and automate when items appear to students.


For now, you will want to hold off posting assignments until you are ready for their due dates to show up in your upcoming events block and their portal.


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