What do I do with graduating or non-returning students?



What do I do with graduating or non-returning students? If I delete their accounts, does that delete all of their data, too?




Instead of deleting accounts, we recommend that a Domain Administrator either Disableor Deactivate them via import or Disable them manually through the Accounts area of the domain control.


Don't worry, though!  Deactivating or Disabling a user does not delete the data associated with them.

Disabled and Deactivated accounts do not count towards your license or storage limits, and they can be easily reactivated or enabled again.  The only difference between a user with a Disabled status and a Deactivated user is that teachers can still view student data for Disabled accounts in their classes, but no data for Deactivated accounts will appear.  For this reason, if you want teachers to be able to access grades for non-returning students easily, you should Disable rather than Deactivate those accounts.

For more information, check out  our Knowledgebase article on how to disable or deactivate user accounts.

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