How can I merge two accounts into one?



Is it possible to combine two user accounts into a single account?




Yes, Domain Administrators can merge user accounts using the Merge User tool. This can be useful when one teacher needs to take over another teacher's classes, or if a user is accidentally given two accounts. Here is how to use this tool:


  1. Log on as a Domain Admin and browse to the Accounts tab.
  2. Search or browse to the user that you wish to merge from. This user's account will be deleted and their content will be merged into another user's account. 
  3. Click on the Manage Account dropdown to the right of the user's name in the listing
  4. Click on the Merge option.


  5. Search for the user you wish to merge into (the recipient of the content). When you find it click on the Merge button.
  6. A summary of the user accounts will display any classes that the accounts are enrolled in, as well as their account type and import ID. If the accounts share one or more of the same classes, you will be given the option to select which data should be used.
  7. In order to finalize the Merge of the two accounts, click on Merge to complete the process.


As a Domain Admin, you are able to Merge accounts, but it is important to note that this process cannot be undone.


A Word of caution! If the "loser" account has an ePortfolio created in it, this ePortfolio will be deleted with no chance of recovery once the merge is done!