How can I convert a manually created account into an imported account?




Normally, Importing users into PowerSchool Learning disregards manually created accounts. This means it is possible to create double accounts for a user if they are manually entered into PowerSchool Learning and then later added as part of an import.  
The best way to avoid creating extra accounts is to is to add the appropriate Import ID to the manually created user account via the Domain Control.  
*Note: in order to do this, you must first check the "Allow Administrators to edit all imported data via the web" under the Manage Domain > Settings > General tab.
If you add the user's Import ID to their PowerSchool Learning account first, when you run the import, the import will recognize this manual account and convert it to an imported account.
  • To add the Import ID, visit the Accounts tab in your Domain Control.  
  • Browse to the user that you wish to update
  • Click on the Manage Account dropdown to the right and select Edit
  • Click on the Set Import ID button
  • Add the Import ID
  • Click on Save