Helpfulness Ratings on the Community Knowledgebase

100% helpful (2/2)

Helpfulness rating is a feedback feature introduced to the Community Knowledgebase.


This helps the PowerSchool Community Team to understand whether the articles that we create are helping our internal users and customers alike.


Below every knowledge article, you'll find the question "Was this article helpful?" along with the options Yes, No and Share.

    • If the article was helpful, please click Yes.
    • If the article was not helpful, please click No.
      You could also provide your feedback when you click No.
      Our Community team will respond to the feedback every week.Helpfulness Rating.png


    • Customers could also obtain badges by providing ratings for knowledge base articles. The badge will be visible to all Community members on their profile page.Handshake Badge.PNG


    • To learn more about the process of rating knowledge base articles in the Community, we encourage you to review: Video: Helpfulness Ratings for Knowledge Base Articles