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Dear Valued Customers,


Whether you have used Schoology Learning for years or are a brand-new user, questions are bound to rise. With that in mind, we encourage you to take a look at our Schoology webinars, where Schoology Learning experts Kellie Ady, and Adam Larson are diving into many of the questions that Schoology Learning users have - especially those new to the Enterprise Schoology Learning platform.


Webinar Recordings:


Live Broadcast Date Recording Link
Aug 12, 2020 Back to Schoology for Grades K-5 and 6-12
Aug 19, 2020 Using Schoology Learning with Google and/or Microsoft
Aug 26, 2020 Using Schoology Learning for Communication
Sep 02, 2020 Course Assessments in Schoology Learning
Sep 23, 2020 Success with Schoology: Teaching Grades K-5
Oct 07, 2020 Success with Schoology: Engaging Parents in Digital Learning
Oct 21, 2020

Success with Schoology: Pro Tips from our Community

Nov 04, 2020 

Tips & Tricks with Course Assessments

Nov 18, 2020  Tips & Tricks with Mastery & Rubrics
Dec 02, 2020 Tips & Tricks for the Schoology Gradebook & End of Term



New to Schoology Learning? Hit the Ground Running!

We have created an online community for educators that are New 2 SGY to help make sure you have support when you need it most. Join New 2 SGY 


Have additional questions? 

Visit the Schoology Learning Support Page, where you can view FAQs, dive into the product roadmap, join the Support Community, and contact our Support Team directly. Learn More


We look forward to seeing you at our next webinar!



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