How do I make changes to the registration form

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How do I make changes to the registration form

  I enrolled my son into school at Jeanie Dean Elementary. He is in Kindergarten so I would like to pick him up.  While doing so it seems that my name was not on the list to pick him up.  I remember very well entering my name and information as the main person who will be picking him up.  It seems other has had this issue as well.  So when I go to the Mannasas City Public schools Dashboard it allows me to view the registration but now edit it to add myself as a contact person.  Also using the same user name and password I cannot get into the main website for Manassas City Public Schools.  Only way I can get in is using the conformation email I received when I first set up the account on 5/1/19.  If Someone can help me out here that would be great.  Thanks

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Re: How do I make changes to the registration form

Hello @AaronsDad , thank you for participating in PowerSchool Community!


Once you have submitted your student's Enrollment form, you will not be able to directly make changes to it. I would suggest reaching out to your school district to inform them that you would like to edit the information that you've submitted.


Additionally, the PowerSchool Parent Portal is a different site than the PowerSchool Enrollment site, so your credentials from the PowerSchool Enrollment site will not work in the Parent Portal. I would suggest contacting your school district regarding this as well to receive your Parent Portal login information, if applicable.


Please let me know if you have any further questions!