Priority Page Error Message



When completing and submitting the Priority page in an Enrollment form, users may receive an error. The error reads, “You must assign a priority to each of the contacts listed below. All priorities must be unique.”


Registration - Priority.png


Step-By-Step Solution


While the district’s page layout has split Parents/Guardians and Emergency Contacts, the coding for the district’s form may not be designed to be split. If this is the case for your district, you will want to assign priority as though all contact were listed as one contact order.

  1. Navigate to the Priority Page in your Registration form.
  2. Set the priority on the page so that every contact has a separate value.

Registration - Priority 2.png


Still Not Working


If these steps do not help you access the form, contact your school district’s Registration department for further assistance.

For additional support, please connect with us via Live Assist or send us an email through the following link: