Snap code and registration form for returning student?


Snap code and registration form for returning student?

Hi, I just wondering how to get the registration form and the snap code for the returning student?. 

Thank you.

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I am looking for the same information too

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So, I think I was experiencing the same issue. If you haven't been successful yet, try going to your e-mail and search 'snapcode'. An e-mail or e-mails should query with the date August 1, 2019. Go into that e-mail and click on the link for registering the student (you'll see the unique snapcode for the student in the body of the email). When I clicked the link it redirected me to the beginning of the registration process and oddly, some sections were (pre)filled and others weren't (from my previous sessions). If this is the case, be sure to review each section carefully - it should allow you to submit once you've completed / reviewed. Hope this helps.

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@PeetMeet Thank you for your response!  This information is correct.  Users should be able to complete the registration form once the snapcode is received and all information on the registration form is complete.


If you have not received your snapcode from the school yet, I recommend reaching out to the school to request your child's snapcode.  This article should walk through the steps to take if you have not received the snapcode to access the registration form.

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