Required documents (bill)

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Required documents (bill)

My family is moving to Menlo park school district (CA) on August 1, and I should enroll Encinal school for my daughter’s kindergarten program.


While I am applying via powerschool system, I got a question about “Document upload.”


Documents #5 and #6 says I have to upload current bills, but I cannot upload them since I have not yet moved to new home.


The powerschool system says I have to upload all the required documents to finish the application.


In this case, can I submit the application with all necessary documents attached except bills?

If not, what else I can do?



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Hi @irion3 , thank you for your question!


While these document upload fields are not required to submit your Enrollment form, we would recommend contacting your school's Registrar for further guidance on this issue. Typically, school districts' Registration departments will allow enrollment with an in-person appointment in lieu of online documentation.


If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact our support team via Live chat session: