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Hi All,


I have recently moved to US from Europe. During the enrollemnt of my children I have aencountered the following areas, where I would like to invite your advice:


1. What grade should I enroll my daughter, if she has turned 7 years in June 2019, and same question for my son, as he will be 13 in November this year?

2. How to add language to the drop-down menu? We are Bulgarians and we speak Bulgarian. It is not listed in the options.

3. Emergency Medical and Release contacts - can they be the same people in both categories, as I can nominate office colleagues only?


Many thanks,


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Community Moderator

Hello @IvanIvanov , thank you for your questions!


Our PS Enrollment forms are set up at the request of the school districts that we work with. If you have any questions regarding how to answer a field on your forms, we would suggest reaching out to your school district directly for further assistance.


If you would like to speak with our technical support team, you can start a live chat session here: