Petite Section Registration

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Petite Section Registration

Hi I am trying to fill in the application form for my daughter to apply for the Petite Section.

i am using her date of birth as requested and it is:

MMDDYYYY but this is not working and she will be 3 years by end of september of this academic year.

I am not being able to continue my registration.

can you please help me.

thank you


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PowerSchool Champion

Rola, have you contacted the school that you are enrolling your daughter into?  In our district, when families have had difficulties with form entry, we had to intervene to get more details from them and then we relayed it PowerSchool support with any additional details.


Your school will typically have a direct technical support person at PowerSchool that they can call which may get faster/better answers than this forum.

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Hey @rolachidiac


We recommend confirming all fields and checkboxes are completed in the registration form before attempting to submit the form.  We have seen users miss small checkboxes.  Are you receiving an error message on any particular page?


The priority set up for contacts is often overlooked and can prevent the submission of the registration form. This article should guide you through the process ensuring the contact priority is set up correctly.


If you are receiving an error message that the birthdate is incorrect and you have confirmed the date and format of the birthdate are being entered correctly, we agree with @JeromeO to reach out to the school district to ensure the birthdate the school has for the student is listed correctly.

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