New Student Registration - Uploading Documents

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New Student Registration - Uploading Documents

I'm in the process of registering my daughter (new student) for Kindergarten next year via online registration. How do I know when the requested documents have uploaded successfully?  The directions say that I can't go back and upload them again after submitting, so I want to make sure I've done it correctly.  The screen still says "download" underneath the documents...I was hoping I'd get a signal that they'd uploaded before moving to the next step.


Thanks for your help!


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Hi @ldparks , thank you for your question!


PowerSchool Enrollment does not currently notify you when the document has been uploaded. It does, however, notify you if a document has not been successfully uploaded, so if you received no notice, that's a good sign!


I would suggest going ahead and submitting your form. If you would like further confirmation that the documents were submitted, I would suggest reaching out to your school district to confirm. Your school district will typically be able to receive these documents via email or in hand if they were not uploaded successfully to your form.


If you would like further assistance, please reach out to our support team here: