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ok, so when i filled out both of my daughters registrations, we were going to be moving in with my parents due to rental issues with our previous address. So when i was filling out their registrations i put my parents address, but we have since then found a home and will be moving the 1st of July. This home is outside of their current school district. So how would i go about changing this? All of their registration has been submitted online as the due date was May 31 for returning students. 


Thank you

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Hello @kristieculver , thank you for your question!


If your students need to be registered for a new school district, we would recommend reaching out to the new district for information about their enrollment process, as they may not be using PowerSchool Enrollment.


If your students need to be registered for the same district you've already submitted a form for, you can contact that school district to let them know of the change, and they will be able to update their records accordingly.


For further assistance, please feel free to reach out to our Support team here: