Incorrect Students Name format

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Incorrect Students Name format

I am unable to submit my sons registration because every time I try, it directs me to the first page and says "YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED ALL REQUIRED FIELDS AND MET ALL FORMAT REQUIREMENTS. IN ORDER TO PROCEED, YOU MUST:
Review your form below, click on each field marked "Required" or "Invalid Format", and complete or correct your information."


I've entered my sons information exactly as it appears on his birth certificate and have completed all of the required fields, what is the issue?

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Hello @emilyself , thank you for participating in PowerSchool Community!


If you are unable to submit your form, this likely means that there is still a field on that form that is either missing or in an invalid format. If you are unable to locate this field on the form, we would suggest reaching out to our Family Support team via Live Assist, who will be able to inform you of which fields need editing to submit your form successfully.


You can start a live chat with our Support team by clicking the following link: