Can you point me to resources to learn about Snapcode?

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Can you point me to resources to learn about Snapcode?

Can someone point me to a help document that outlines online registration in PowerSchool?


I am coaching an administrative team at a private school to help them hone procedures with a large part of that being using technology effectively. Currently, the process for new families applying to the school is paper-based.


The school uses PowerSchool. I have the feeling PowerSchool provides the ability for it all to happen electronically.


I went to the website of a private school that I know uses PowerSchool and the link for new families.That link took me to this link , a screen that said, "A Snapcode is Required to Continue." I feel like that's getting me to the right area, and I just direction on this are of the program.



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Thank you for reaching out in the PowerSchool Community!

PowerSchool Enrollment allows parents to register their children for the upcoming school year.  The school district will work with PowerSchool to create registration forms that request required student information for a successful enrollment.  

School districts will state rather the registration form requires a SnapCode or if the registration form is open to anyone.  A SnapCode is a unique set of numbers and letters that is associated with a specific student that is in the district or plans to enroll in the district.  The school district will send the unique SnapCode to each parent during the Enrollment process. 

I have provided a link below that will walk through steps that parents can take to retrieve a child's SnapCode.

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