How To Score Perfect Trivela Shots In FIFA 2

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How To Score Perfect Trivela Shots In FIFA 2

The Trivela is a new skillful pass which the footballer crosses the ball using the outside of his boot in FIFA 23. This flair shot is ridiculously effective in the game, serving as the perfect counter against defense with numbers in a low block, and is one of the most consistent ways to score goals on the virtual pitch. So in this article, we will show you how to score perfect Trivela Shots in FIFA 23.


Performing a Trivela shot is fairly straightforward in FIFA 23, all you have to do:

Xbox Consoles: Hold LT and shoot.
PlayStation Consoles: Hold L2 and shoot.


Doing this when shooting will force your player to go with the outside of their foot rather than the laces, unleashing a curling effort that goalkeepers are really struggling to handle at the moment. Using Trivela shots is most effective when outside the box, and the most optimal situation for this is facing the goal at a 45-degree angle, allowing them to try and aim for the top corner.


In addition, the shot can only be executed with the footballer's stronger foot, so fans must ensure that the player in question is in a position to shoot the ball with their preferred foot. Some of the most popular names associated with this skill move are Joao Cancelo, Neymar, and Ricardo Quaresma. If you want to get these players in FUT 23, please get some cheap FIFA 23 coins at U4gm in advance.


Each of these players, and others that use this move effectively, have mastered the technique of using the outside of their boot to cross or shoot and have produced memorable in-game moments for their teams.

Trivela shots were considerably easier to score earlier in the game cycle, with even low-rated footballers being capable of scoring long-range wonder goals. The accuracy of these shots was nerfed over time by various Title Updates and Live Tuning changes; however, this is still an incredibly overpowered technique when used correctly, especially with players possessing the right attributes.


It ends here. If you're looking to add more tricks that give you the upper hand in FIFA 23, we recommend browsing our FIFA game hub!

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