trouble registering a student


trouble registering a student

Hi! I'm not even sure if I am on the right board. Please forgive me, but also please see if you can help!


I had a student registered in my class. Then I deleted him from the roster. Now he wants to join again. I have added him to the roster using the same email/name info and the system generated an invitation code for him. When he follows his email link and enters the code, he gets a message that says, "No Active Classes Available." 


I just zoomed with him for over an hour trying to figure this out. Please help us!!! I have never had this trouble before. All of my other students are working just fine for this class.

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Hi @leighdelisi,


I am happy to assist you, would you please confirm the PowerSchool product that you are using?  The product name would be along the lines of PowerSchool SIS or PowerSchool Unified Classroom or PowerSchool Learning, etc.

Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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Is this for a LMS integrated with PowerSchool? If so, you may need the student to start at the integrated courses and make sure the class is not living on the dashboard.


I have dealt with this for a Google Integrated Course. Student had to go to the Google Dashboard, Join the class. Then I followed the same steps of completing a drop/add to renew an invitation and repair the integration between Google and PowerSchool.


A very specific answer but maybe that will give you some new ways to troubleshoot.


Hope that helps!