"Bottom out" grades or categories

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"Bottom out" grades or categories

I am wondering if there is a way to "bottom out" a category so that students can get no less than, say, a 40% in "classwork." I know one school of thought says teachers should not assign 0s, but I question the efficacy of this practice in that it seems to hold kids inherently to lowered standards. That being said, I am trying to boost the morale of some of my students and was thinking that "bottoming out" a category would be one way to do so. Does anyone know if it is possible to do this in Power School?


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Since the cutoff percentage range has to be from 0-100%, there should be at least one item with a value of zero.

Admins within the district could build categories based on a grade scale. For example, the grading scale could have numeric values in the "Grade" column as (less than 40). This way, when a teacher enters a score for a student, they will be selecting the numeric value (less than 40), instead of letters A-F.

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