load priority report?

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load priority report?

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know how to run a report of the load priority you assigned to each class last year? I am assigning load priorities to each class for the master scheduling process, but would love to have a report at my fingertips of how I have assigned these in the past. Thanks

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Hi @MatthewR4!


The load priorities that you assigned to each class last year can be taken as a report by following the below steps:


  1. On the start page, choose PowerScheduler under Applicants in the main menu. The Scheduling page appears.
  2. Under Tools, choose Functions from the PowerScheduler menu. The scheduling Functions page appears.
  3. Click Set Schedule Year. The Set Schedule Year page appears.
  4. Choose the schedule year from the pop-up menu. Choose the previous year. 
  5. Click submit. The Scheduling page appears.
  6. Now, run the Course information report to get the list of load priorities.

Hope this helps!

Sowmya Karmel
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I am unaware of the "Course Information" report  @SowmyaN mentions (unless it is a custom report she is referring to), but the "Course List" report under Pre Build reports will return an "LP" column, which is the Load Priority.

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thank you!