listing new students and withdrawn students each month


listing new students and withdrawn students each month

Is there a way to run a report or list students of new / withdrawn monthly? School leader team need this monthly report for students Accident Coverage.


My thoughts are:

1. search students on start page:

  • entrydate>10/31/18;entrydate<12/01/18
  • /exitdate>10/31/18;exitdate<12/01/18

2. create an APEX Report


Is possible to create a dashboard widget to show this information, instead of clicking mouse many steps monthly?


Thanks for your brainstorming and ideas!!


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Hi @josiah!


Thank you for posting your question in the PowerSchool Community!


It sounds like you'd like two separate lists of students. One of students who are currently enrolled, and a list of students that have left your school. If I'm understanding your question correctly, you've got the right idea with the first search term when searching by date. However, for the second search term, I would add Enroll_Status > 0 to make sure it only lists students that have withdrawn. Without that, it will pull active, withdrawn, and pre-registered students in your search. So your search for withdrawn students would look like this:


/exitdate>10/31/18;exitdate<12/01/18;Enroll_Status > 0

It may be possible to create this type of search in an APEX report, since APEX is an extremely powerful reporting tool. You could also potentially create a custom report or widget through PowerSchool's plugin architecture. 


For more information on developing plugins for the PowerSchool API, I would recommend checking out our developer guides here:


I would also encourage your fellow forum members to weigh in here with suggestions if they've come up with creative solutions to similar reporting needs.

Scott S.
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Thanks Soctt. 

Right, add the enroll stutus parameter is important!!