having problem with logging in to parent portal

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having problem with logging in to parent portal

I am having a problem with getting into my parent portal and I have changed the password because i forgot it and it still wont let me login in it says both username or password is incorrect and the one time I was able to get in last night I could only find one child and not the other and it wasnt letting me update anything because it was saying the server was busy  

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Re: having problem with logging in to parent portal

Hi @rjsmommy!


Thanks for posting in our community!


Sorry you have been having trouble getting into the Parent Portal.


If you are still having trouble logging in and the forgot password link isn't working, it would be best to reach out to the School District since they actually manage those accounts. They should be able to let you know what your username is and reset your password for you.


Once you get in, if you aren't seeing all of your students, then you would need to add the missing students to your account using the Add Students option inside the Parent Portal. The school should have provided you with an Access ID and Access Password. This is what will be used in the Add Student page to link the student to your Parent Account. If you are missing that as well, the School District will need to provide that for you. If your school communicates through emails then you should be able to find it there.


Hopefully, this information is useful in getting you up and running!