atrieve Timesheet Entry Web - ammendments


atrieve Timesheet Entry Web - ammendments

We'd like to know how other districts that use TEW for positive time reporting are handling making ammendments after timesheets are closed.  We're just starting to use this product and are really struggling with this piece.  We are using positive time reporting for our support staff.  It seems like neither employees or school adminiatration can make these changes, so how are they communicating to your payroll department.

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Re: atrieve Timesheet Entry Web - ammendments

Thank you for your post.


When the week has been closed, and you need to make a change to a previous week you will be taken into the amendment screen and can only enter in the amendment for one day at a time.


The Timesheet Web Profile Maintenance controls who is able to make amendments to closed weeks.  If employees or school administrators cannot make amendments to closed weeks, this would indicate that there is a profile setting that would need to be reviewed. 


If you require assistance, a support case can be created with the atrieve payroll support team and they will be happy to review the profile settings with you.

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