Viewing rights for Teacher/Administrator - Applicant information

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Viewing rights for Teacher/Administrator - Applicant information


I need to provide viewing rights to a teacher, who is responsible to review High School Spanish Teacher applicants; but, to no avail.

I have made several attempts to give a user viewing rights to the Spanish Candidates, and am not sure how to succeed in this attempt.

Apparently, she was "Deactivated" at some point in time; however, it should be easy enough to "Reactivate" her.  Unfortunately, that is not the case, as I continue to be unsuccessful in this attempt.

Interviews are on Tuesday, June 11th; time is of the essence.

Please feel free to contact me for further clarification of this issue.

Thank you in advance.


Debbie Contino

H.R. Secretary

Radnor Township School District

610-688-8100 x6049

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PowerSchool Team
PowerSchool Team

Hi Debbie 


I know that I spoke with you and fixed your issue earlier on the phone but I wanted to reply here in case anyone else has a similar issue. 


When you were trying to save the users account and kept recieving the error message "Username already exist" it is often an issue within the back end of the system. If you are sure that the username couldn't possibly be in use within the system and are getting that error please reach out to the support team so that we can take a look into the system and see if there is an issue. 



Supervisor Technical Support