User Rights


User Rights

How do I allow a user toi view all resumes in the system?


I assume I change something in Users 


I just do not know if something needs to be changes in multiple spots.

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PowerSchool Team
PowerSchool Team

I hope you are doing well today! 


There are two things that need to be taken care of in order for a system admin to ensure that someone can view resumes.

The first is to ensure that they have the proper security group assigned to their account. Attached is a sheet that you can use to see which security group fits your user the best.


(You can edit the users security groups by going to Configure > Users and Filters > searching for the user > click edit to the right of their name > and scrolling to the "Security Access" section. )


The second thing that you want to keep an eye on is the filters that are set up for that user. You can access filters by going to Configure > Users and Filters > searching for the user > Click "Filters" to the right of their name. 


Once in the "Filters" section for the user you can begin to limit the amount of applications that the user would have access to. Below are two links to help you begin setting up filters. 


Custom Individual Filters

Global Filters Assigned to larger groups


It is important to remember that filters only restricts the user from viewing applications. If a user doesn't have any filters set up on their account they will have access to see all applicants that come in. If you have a user that can't view applications then the filter may be causing it. 


-Ashley Johann