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Re: Update Grades in Real Time

Hi @mjacobson and @f352370,


I understand the importance and need for urgency in processing the request for enhancement in the product.
Please note, the request for the feature that allows the final grade to update automatically without clicking on 'Save', is currently under consideration by our Product team.  Designated Support Contacts can access Enhancement Requests in PowerSource and upvote on the request for 'PowerTeacher Pro - Student Grade Calculations in Scoresheet'.
If you are not a Designated Support Contact, We recommend that you reach out to the PowerSchool Designated Support Contact within your district to request the upvote on your behalf.  In the meantime, I also recommend reaching out to the Designated Support Contact within your district, to assist you with alternatives to avoid the notifications that students and parents receive each time you click on 'Save'.


We apologize for the long wait and appreciate your patience while we work on reviewing and implementing the necessary enhancements to better your experience while using PowerTeacher Pro.


PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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