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Unified Talent

Has anyone else have difficulties in receiving support for Unified Talent, mainly the software AKA Talent Ed Recruit & Hire? 

Our district put in a ticket last week. We are not able to hire due to the system does not attach the person hired to the person leaving; therefore, other Coordinators are not able to finalize their jobs and move forward. The "Chat" is ghosted out so now we cannot "chat". It is getting frustrating and the busy season of hiring has just begun. Any suggestions besides going back to manual? Thanks!

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Hi @MaureenG2,


Thank you for posting in the Community!  Engineers are aware of the system not attaching the person hired to the person leaving.  We appreciate your patience while they work diligently to get this resolved.  We have not had any reports of the chat not working.  We are aware of possible extended wait times for an agent to respond in the chat.  If you are experiencing something different, please provide a screenshot and I will be happy to look into this further.   

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Over the past month I have attempted to use the "Chat" feature 3-4 times to reach and in hopes of solving problems quickly and not once have I been helped.  The chat feature says the next available person will help me but it never happens.  As a result, I have reached out via email to my original training/implementation specialist who graciously helped me problem solve.  He is honestly a rock star who has saved me multiple hours of work and helped lower my stress level.  

The fact that I have not been able to efficiently resolve issues through an efficient, simple manner has been very frustrating and has caused hours of ineffective work production for our very small HR department.  Hours of which we do not have.

The new phone instructions to me do not appear to be easy or efficient.  I get a quicker response from my trainer who knows me and my district.

I find myself very frustrated with the support aspect of Unified Talent, when we were originally excited with TalentEd, their service, training and support. 


Our district has had many issues with Unified Talent.

Not being able to chat is definitely an issue, but a small one compared to the others. 


1. Our administrators haven't been able to log in this last week because they've been getting a 500 or 503 server error.

Support's Answer: Clear your cookies and contact Support (???)


2. Duplicate accounts are being created for new-hires in Records causing confusion and stress on their part, and it also makes us look incompitent as a district. 

Support's Answer: I will have to look into this for you (This was in March)


3. I am a District Administrator for TalentEd, yet, I don't have access to the TalentEd: Recruit&Hire / Records knowledge bank on PowerSchool. I've had to train new employees based on printed out how-to guides, scribbled out all old features and hand written in new ones. I've reached out three times to try to gain access.

Support's Answer x3: Please reach out to your District Administrator and have them give you access as a user.


I've saved all chats and support replies. Ever since this PowerSchool transistion things have gone downhill.

Needless to say, we are now looking at other options.

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Lead Community Moderator

Thank you for reaching out in the Community!


While the Community is a great place for questions and we encourage you to continue posting in the Community for users' best practices, I recommend reaching out to Unified Talent Support to discuss the 500 and 503 error messages users are receiving.  Support should also be able to assist with the duplicate accounts being created for applicants.

A LiveAssist connection can be made by selecting Product Support at the top of any page in the Community and choosing Unified Talent.  In the Unified Talent Applicant Support page, please select Unified Talent Contact Support.  You should be able to complete the case form and choose Launch Chat Support.  

I have provided a direct link to the Unified Talent Chat Support page below.