Transferring activities from one quarter to the next Quarter

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Transferring activities from one quarter to the next Quarter

My name is Suzanne Spence, and I teach at a residential treatment center for young men between the ages of 13-18. Often, I need to copy the same activities from one quarter  to the next.quarter. I have not figured out how to accomplish this, any help anyone can giVe would be appreciated. We are utilizing Info Now/SIS.

Thanking you in advance for your help.

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Hi @suzzanespence,


In InformationNOW, you will first create your activties in one grading period. Then, you will have to change to another grading period and open the gradebook that you want to bring the activity into. Once there, go to the plan tab >> and click copy activities. You will have to pick the gradebook you want to copy from and then select the activities you want to copy. You will also have to enter a start date. I hope this helps. Have a good day!




Thank you for your post.

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